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Want to Understand the Different Kinds of Electrical Installation Wires?

Electrical installation wiring refers to a series of conductors and other such devices which  carry electricity. The various kinds of electrical wiring which is used does vary, depending upon 3 factors, these are location, quantity of electricity carried, and purpose. For instance,  most residential houses do not need as much power as an office building. Which means the appropriate electrical wiring will attempt to maximize energy efficiency safely.

The wire is also referred to as an electrical conductor. It is generally made from copper and other materials which are good at transmitting electrical currents. The wire will be insulated too, in order to protect the conductor against damage. Insulation can be made out of fiber and plastic. The kind of insulation used will generally depend on where the wiring is installed.

There is in place an international standard for wires and cables used for electricity systems, which allows an electrician and the like to know what wire makes up an electrical system. For instance, color coating is used to help electricians identify wires for the likes of repair, safety, and installation purposes. These colors though, are not universal, for example, brown wires usually mean a live wire in most EU countries. However, in the U.S. and Canada, a black brass color denotes live wires.

Stranded wires are used mainly in residential houses. This design has a series of small-gauge wires which are then wrapped around a main wire. The stranded wire increases how much electrical power can be carried. It is also used because it is extremely flexible and easy to use, which is ideal when fitting wire within walls.

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