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What to Look for in a Professional Electrical Contractor?


Choosing any kind of contractor can be quite a nerve-racking experience, which means hiring an electrical contractor will be no different. Often, electricians will arrive with the person that is remodeling your house, and other times you will have to find qualified electrical service provider on your own. However, do not worry, there are various ways to find electrical contractors, ranging from the Internet, telephone book, or even recommendations from friends and family members.


These sources should give you everything you need to know about a company, although, they will not give you any information on their past. Which is why we, at Boadway Electric in San Bernardino, CA, have provided a few helpful tips to homeowners living outside of our area.


Determine what your electrical project is. Is it a minor one or a full house rewire? Use the resources you have available and speak to anyone that has had work done recently to find out if they can refer you to a qualified electrician?


Make sure each contractor provides free estimates. Should it be a job they are unable to fully estimate, ask for an approximate figure. And, learn as much as you can on what your job will take to complete. Always walk into a project with your eyes wide open. As some unscrupulous contractors will have you signing a contract where you agree to what they are charging you before any work begins. Also, make sure there are no hidden surprises when it comes to prices. Any changes that need to be done should first be talked over with you beforehand.


Always check references, any contractor worth their salt should be able to give you current references from previous customers. While they may not have a list on hand, never be scared to ask for one. So when a new client request references, it will force the contractor to contact previous customers for references.


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