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Up-to-Date Wiring with the Help of Our Electrician

Here at Boadway Electric, we provide electrical services to keep your home in San Bernardino, CA safe from accidents. Our electrician can handle any repair and installation jobs you have for us. With 20 years of experience, there is nothing our experts cannot fix.


Our adherence to following proper practices ensures our clients a safe home. We also guarantee that the tools and electrical wiring we use during the service is of top quality because we know the hazards of using poor materials.


Instead of getting cheap repair jobs, go for our affordable services. This way, you can feel confident that you’ll get good results. Here are some of the residential and commercial services our electrician has to offer:



A rewiring job means replacing your home or office’s electrical system with a new one. This is done to make sure that your place is not at risk for faulty electrical wiring. A rewiring service will also adjust your system to suit your consumption. For example, we will replace areas with double sockets for efficiency.


When you notice that your wires are no longer safe, get our expert to rewire your system.


Electrical Upgrade

Do you have modern devices that cause your home’s lights to flicker? You need to upgrade your electrical system to prevent the risk of tripping the breaker. Most houses do not have updated systems in place. This can cause serious damage to your property because of short circuits. To prevent this, upgrade your system. A new power system can do wonders for your home’s safety.



A faulty circuit breaker can cause your power to go out multiple times in a day. Get an expert to check your office and home’s electricity for faulty parts. A poorly functioning wire, breaker, or circuit board can cause a fire. Do not risk your employees or family’s safety. Hire an expert to assess your property and get your power system in shape.


When you need a reputable electrician in San Bernardino, CA who can offer prompt and professional service, Boadway Electric can help you out. Our services are the best because of our commitment to delivering quality work and customer satisfaction. Call us now at (951) 543-3145 to set an appointment.


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