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Reliable and Affordable Electrical Contractor Services

While it is a cost-effective solution to repair your electrical systems by hiring an amateur, it is still a better option to call a professional. What you need is an expert electrical contractor who can provide you with quick solutions and will make sure that the issue is solved during the first visit. Boadway Electric is here to give you the best electrical repair services that money can buy. Based in San Bernardino, CA, we offer impeccable repair services that won’t break the bank. So why call us and have us repair your electrical systems?


Affordable Services

Some people are hesitant to call a professional electrical contractor because they are thinking that it will be an expensive endeavor. However, here at our company, we don’t take advantage of our customer’s problems by charging extra fees. We will give you an honest estimate for the services that we will be providing as well as a thorough inspection of your electrical system to make sure whether the problem can be fixed with repairs or if you need a replacement. What makes our repair services better is that we offer different payment options for our customers, which includes credit cards and check payment.


We Handle All Repairs

That’s right! We handle all electrical repairs. From replacing used bulbs to a whole-home rewiring, we do it everything, and best of all, we do it at a price that fits your budget. As a reliable electrical contractor, we always offer different repair options for our customers to ensure that we meet or even exceed their expectations. Also, what we mean by “all repairs” is that we will fix all issues that your electrical system has. For example, if you are experiencing fluctuating power, the problem might be caused by several factors. We will inspect your entire system to ensure that we fix everything by the time we are done working.
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