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Electrical installation is something that you should not trust to amateurs. Small mistakes can lead to serious consequences. It is always important to trust your home’s electrical installation to a professional electrical company and guess what, we are that company! Here at Boadway Electric, we pride ourselves as one of the best electrical contractors in San Bernardino, CA. When it comes to quality electrical installation or upgrade services, nobody does it better than us, and here’s why:


Dedicated Electricians

We have a team of dedicated electricians whose goal is to provide you with an efficient electrical system after installation. You can only enjoy the benefits of a modern electrical system if it is installed properly. Also, proper installation is the key to avoiding early repairs and replacements. As a professional electrical company, we don’t want your investment to suffer because of poor installation services. That’s why we pay strict attention to detail every time we perform our installation jobs.


Excellence from Start to Finish

We just don’t go to any property and start installing circuits and wires right away. What we do is we assess your property first so that we can make sure that we install the right components. Preparations are important in order to avoid future problems with your electrical system such as inefficient power distribution and expensive electric bills. We will measure your property’s power requirements as well as make sure that we follow the standard for installation. We are a team of professionals who will go the extra mile so that your property will benefit from modern electrical systems. We will also use high-quality electrical materials to ensure system longevity.


If you are looking for the perfect electrical company to install or upgrade your electrical system, call Boadway Electric at (951) 543-3145 and get ready to be treated with high-quality installation services and excellent customer service. You can also visit us and discuss with us your project in our office at San Bernardino, CA.


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